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Keeping Our Communities, County & Country Blue!
This page was last updated: July 19, 2017
Iowa Political News

You probably know that the individual campaigns being waged by our local candidates are always in need of volunteers and money!

Here's how you can help:

Contribute via the Act Blue Link

Attend the Brown Woodard Dinner and give generously. After all, it is a fund-raiser.

Volunteer with an individual campaign...

Join us in phone & neighborhood canvassing.

Let us know your interest and we'll be in touch.

Contact Us
Scheduled Events

Monday, July 24th

Central Committee Meeting!!!!

Boone County Historical Center

07:00 PM

The ca​mpaigns are over..............

The results are in....................


Extend a Big Thank You
to those in our recently contested campaigns:

 Kim Weaver, Keith Puntenney, Tom Foster,
 Greg Piklapp, Deb Duncan

and now we begin - AGAIN!!!!